Saturday, October 10, 2009

Best Book about How to Search Court Records

While it is true that court record searches can now be performed online due to the electronic storage of these records, you would be foolish to not take into account offline methods when performing any search. In particular, there are many books written about the search for court records that can be invaluable in your own search.

From a book, you can find such information as what records have what information, what records are more readily found in a county or state search, and how your search process should be started.

There is a good chance that you have read one of the “Idiot’s Guide To….” books in the series. These books are great at giving step by step instructions and important inside information for a variety of topics. “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Private Investigating” by Steven Kerry Brown has some wonderful information on searching court records.

The book uses the situation of people that perform searches for long lost family members. Many times, an individual will spend countless years searching and come up empty. It is only after they hire a private investigator that progress is made and the family member is found. Why is this? It is because private investigators have the skills and training to methodically search public records and court records to find the information they need. The book explains how you can perform these same searches without hiring a private investigator.

If you look at user reviews of people who have purchased the book, you will find that almost all readers give it five stars. Even actual private investigators have read the book and picked up a few tips. They recommend it for anyone looking to enter the private investigating field.

If you have needs to perform court records searches, you may want to invest in this book. It is relatively inexpensive when you consider the time and effort it can save you on future searches.

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