Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tips for Accessing Public Records

Criminal records are an important part of background checking and it is primarily used by employers who would like to know more about their prospective employees. Many databases contain the criminal records of individuals and the company can use these databases to gather the required information. The database of the FBI is very extensive and has accurate information. However, it is not open for the eyes of the public and so it is impossible to access it. There are few criminal record databases that are available for the public and so one must know where to look for the right information.

Internet is the best medium to search for criminal records because it may be physically impossible to go through the records in all fifty states. The National Criminal File (NCF) is one of the largest databases that is open to the public free of charge. This database has the records of about 130 million people belonging to different states. It searches through multiple criminal records like federal fugitive files, state criminal repository records, arrest records, correction records and county criminal repository records.

Another good place to access criminal records is the National Center for State Courts (NCSC). This database has the court records state-wise and you can choose the state of your choice. There are certain rules for each state and some states like Alabama even charge a service fee. But, most states do not charge money to access the court records. You may only have to agree to their terms and conditions before you access the records.

There are some companies that offer to look up the criminal records of a particular person and you can get the information that you require from these companies for a certain fee. These companies offer good service and you can be assured of the accuracy of their information. Also, it saves you the time and energy required to go through multiple records. These are some of the ways to access public criminal records through the Internet.

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